History of the Department

M. Krishnamoorthy, who was appointed in June 1951, was the first Lecturer to teach history to the Intermediate students of the college. Later Mr.T.V.Kuppusamy, Mr. K. Pazhaniapillai and Mr. T. V. Vijayaraghavan were appointed as Lecturers.

Initially, History was taught as a subject at the intermediate level. In 1957, B.A. in History was started. K. Pazhania Pillai was promoted as the first professor of History of our college in 1966. Dr. M. Balasubramanian, Mr. Nandakumar, Mr. N. Gopalasamy, Mr. S. T.Jayapandian, Mr. P. S. Gopalan, Mr. S. Antony Thagasamy, Dr. K. Dharmaraja Iyer, Dr. A. Francis and Mr. S. Balasubramanian joined the department as lecturers at various points of time.

In 1986, the department started teaching M.A. in History. The faculty was strengthened with the appointments of young scholars as Lecturers: Mr. R. Rajappan, Dr. N. Jeyakumar, Dr. A. Kumarasamy, Dr. C. Veeramuthu, Dr. R. Soundararajan, Dr. P. Tharumar, Mr. J. Avudayappan and Dr. P. Bharathi. After the retirement of Mr. K. Pazhania Pillai, Dr. M. Balasubramaniam , Mr. N. Gopalasamy and Dr. A. Francis have headed the department. Dr. A. Francis was appointed as the Principal of the college in 2004 and retired in 2011. At present Dr.P. Tharumar heads the department. Dr.K.Sasikala joined the department in 2007, Dr.M.Jeyakumari in 2017, and Dr.K.Sakthi Karbagam in 2019.From the year 2022, Dr.Bharathiraja, Dr.Arockiya Selva Sundari and Ms.B.Pathmavathy started  working in the department.

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