Dr. N. Safina Devi

Assistant Professor
Teaching Experience: 3 Years
Area of Specialization: Discrete Mathematics, Real Analysis
Area of Research: Combinatorial Optimization, Graph Theory
Additional Roles & Responsibilities
  1. VEEOCEE Academy
  2. Academic Counselor
  3. Question Paper setter for Autonomous Colleges
  4. Doctoral Committee Member – St.Mary’s College, Thoothukudi
Research Guidance: - Publications: 5 Projects: -
Three Important Publications
  1. N. Safina Devi, Sounaka Mishra, Ashwin Pananjady: On the complexity of making a distinguished vertex minimum or maximum degree by vertex deletion. J. Discrete Algorithms 33: 71-80 (2015).
  2. N. Safina Devi, Aniket C. Mane, Sounaka Mishra: Computational complexity of minimum P4 vertex cover problem for regular and K1;4-free graphs. Discrete Applied Mathematics 184: 114-121 (2015).
  3. N. Safina Devi, Mrinal Kumar, Sounaka Mishra, Saket Saurabh: Approximation algorithms for node deletion problems on bipartite graphs with finite forbidden subgraph characterization. Theoretical Computer Science 526: 90-96 (2014).
Research IDs Google Scholar: ‪ ‬‬‬‬‬ Research Gate: Orcid: Publon: AAE-3194-2019

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