Dr. P. Sivasubramanian

Head & Associate Professor
Teaching Experience: 26 years
Area of Specialization: Metamorphic Petrology, Remote Sensing and GIS
Area of Research: Metamorphic Petrology, Remote Sensing and GIS

Additional Roles & Responsibilities

1.Staff Council Member

2.Board of Studies Chairperson for Geology-M.S. University

3. Board of Studies Chairperson for Archaeology-M.S. University

Research Guidance: 03 Publications: 32 Projects: 05

Three Important Publications

1.P. Sivasubramanian , N. Balasubramanian , John Prince Soundranayagam  and     N. Chandrasekar (2013)Hydrochemical characteristics of coastal aquifers of Kadaladi, Ramanathapuram District, Tamilnadu, India. Applied Water Science. Vol. 3,pp.603-612.

2. R. Jayangondaperumal, M.K. Murari ,P. Sivasubramanian , N. Chandrasekar, A.K. Singhvi (2012) Luminescence dating of fluvial and coastal red sediments in the SE coast, India, and implications for paleoenvironmental changes and dune reddening. Quaternary Research 77(3), 468–481.

3. Elizabeth J. Catlos, Chandra S. Dubey and P.Sivasubramanian (2008) Monazite ages from carbonatites and high-grade assemblages along the Kambam Fault (Southern Granulite Terrain, South India). American Mineralogist, V. 93, pp. 1230 - 1244.

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