Dr. V. Stephen Pitchaimani

Assistant Professor
Teaching Experience: 22 years
Area of Specialization: Coastal studies, Marine Geochemistry, Sedimentology, and sedimentary petrology, Palaeontology and Petroleum Technology
Area of Research: Research activities in the field of coastal studies using sediments and water geochemistry and remote sensing. Marine sediments and marine micropaleontological studies.  Sedimentary environments and depositional environment studies.  Petroleum basin studies.

Additional Roles & Responsibilities

1.Question paper setter – Anna university

2. Question paper setter – Manonmanium Sundaranar University

3. Coordinator – Youth Red cross – VOC College

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Three Important Publications

1. V. Stephen-Pitchaimani, M. P. Jonathan, S. Srinivasalu N. Rajeshwara-Rao and S. P. Mohan,  Enrichment of trace metals in surface sediments from the Northern part of Point Calimere, SE coast of nvironmental Geology

2. Cui, Y., Liu, M., Selvam, S., Ding, Y., Wu, Q., Pitchaimani, V.S., Huang, P., Ke, H., Zheng, H., Liu, F. and Luo, B., 2022. Microplastics in the surface waters of the South China sea and the western Pacific Ocean: Different size classes reflecting various sources and transport. Chemosphere, 299, p.134456. (SCI Impact Factor: 8.94)

3. Stephen Pitchainmani, V., Babu, G., Selvam, S., & Venkatramanan, S. (2022). Distribution Patterns of Inner Shelf Benthic Foraminifera and Their Relationship to Climatic Conditions in Northeastern Tamil Nadu, India. Journal of Climate Change, 8(1), 9-35.

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