1. Kulapathi A.P.C.Veerabahu Memorial Endowment Scholarship

This scholarship was instituted by our college management and staff members who are admirers of Kulapthi A.P.C.veerabahu. It is awarded to two meritorious students of the first year degree courses. The students must not have received any other scholarships from government and private agencies. The amount of scholarship is equivalent to the fee payable to the college by the student for the whole duration of the degree.

2. A.P.C.V. Chockalingam Manivizha Trust

3. Sultan Chand Memorial Scholarship

4. Scholarships by Sterlite Industries

5. Scholarships by Sri Sathya Sai Seva Sangam

6. Scholarships by Fauna International

7. Scholarships by NAT Annamalai


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