Dr.R. Brakaspathy,R&D Advisor (IC&SR), IIT Madras

I am delighted and proud  to  give this testimonial about my Alma mater,  V.O.C College, Thoothukudi. V.O.C College has been giving quality education at affordable cost for more than 60 years benefiting a large number of students coming from very poor background. I am fortunate to join this college for M.Sc Course (in Chemistry) in the  year  1977.The education  provided  by  a  team  of  committed  teachers  led  by Prof. K Karunakaran was comparable to the best of the institutions in the country, and many of us could get admissions for PhD in reputed institutions like IITs, IISc, MKU. Personally, I benefited by the guidance of faculty members for higher study (PhD at IIT  Madras),  and  later  shaping  my  career  at  the  Department  of  Science  and Technology, Government of India,  New Delhi. I am aware of many alumni of this college occupying pivotal positions in various institutions. At a time when commercialization is becoming “norm” in every sphere, including education, VOC College steadfastly refused to adopt this approach and religiously follows the ideals set forth by its founder. I had the opportunity of interacting with the top management of this  college  on  many  occasions  and  I  can  clearly  see their  commitment  and empathy for providing affordable education to the poor sections of the people.  I am sure they will succeed in this mission.

I wish this great institution many more years of service to the nation!

P.A.Ramiah IAS

Dr. P.A.Ramiah, IAS(Rtd.)

I am P.A.Ramiah IAS (R), a retired civil servant of India. A small person coming from a tiny village called Ottudanpatti in Ottappidaram taluk having poor socio-economic background was able to achieve the highest position in Indian Administration is purely because of my studies from this great institution, which is the standing testimony for V O Chidambaranar, a great Patriot and freedom fighter.

My study in this college ie PUC, and BA Economics gave me lot of courage and self confidence to come up in life .This traits gave me an entry into again a great institution ie Pachaiappas college M.A., in Economics. B.L., in Ambedkar Law College Chennai and Ph.D in Labour Economics in Madras university. Due to this academic accomplishments, after getting into IAS,I held various positions viz Sub-Collector, Additional Collector and Collector erstwhile Salem District, Labour commissioner Secretary to TNGovt, and Chairman, Teachers Recruitment Board .

All this was possible due to the strong edifice I got it from this esteemed institution. I should vouch that tuition fees and hostel fees, were affordable and even this was adjusted with scholarships to help students and promote education. There by this temple of knowledge gave socio economic progress for many students with rural background. I am deeply indebted to this institution for all my achievements in life.

Finally I make a request for the younger generation to pursue their studies by following the verses of ஆரியப் படை கடந்த நெடுஞ்செழியன் in புறநானூறு.

“உற்றுழி உதவியும் உறுபொருள் கொடுத்தும் பிற்றை நிலை முனியாது கற்றல் நன்றே!”

My best wishes for the friends studying here to have bright future to serve for our mother land.

Dr. P.A. Ramiah IAS


Shri. R. Gandhi, Former Deputy Governor, Reserve Bank of India

“V O Chidambaram College has been rendering yeomen service for the younger generations. It helped me achieve academic excellence, provided opportunities  to develop body and mind and build courage and conviction to face the future”.


Prof. P. MANISANKAR, Vice-Chancellor of Bharathidasan University

I am proud  to say that I am an alumnus  of this  prestigious  Institution  founded by   the   great   visionary    and   philanthropist    Kulapathy    A.P.C.   Veerabahu,    who emphasized  that education  plays a vital role in a Nation’s   development.

I  did  my  M.Sc.  in  Chemistry   during  the  period   1977-79. The  eminent   and committed   Professors   of  the  college  gave  us  a  clear  idea  about  the  basics  in  the subject  and instilled  in us a thirst  for more  knowledge.  Thus  the  Institution  played a   vital   role    in   my   career   as   a   researcher    and   my   current    position    as   a Vice-Chancellor.   I am happy to say that the college  maintains  the same commitment to holistic  education  even today.  Another  unique  feature  is that it is one of the very few  Institutions    in  the  whole   of  Tamilnadu   which   still  upholds   the   principles that  education   should  not  be  commercialized   thus  working  towards  the  upliftment of  the  less  privileged   sections   of  the  society.  I  wish  the  Institution   to  continue its service to the society with the same zeal in future also.


Mr. Ananthanarayanan, Singer

I am proud to say that I am an alumnus of this prestigious Institution founded by the great visionary and philanthropist Kulapathy A.P.C.Veerabahu who emphasized that education plays a vital role in a Nation’s development.

 I did my under graduation in Physics during the period1985-89. The ambience in the campus was vibrant with Professors encouraging the students to not only excel in academics but also in co-curricular activities. It would be fitting to say that the seeds of my career as a playback singer were sowed in the corridors of this Institution. I am happy to say that the college maintains the same commitment to holistic education even today. I consider myself the most privileged because my voice is being heard in the campus everyday by all the students in the form of prayer song. I am also grateful to the Management for giving me an opportunity to sing their Golden and Diamond jubilee songs.

Another unique feature of this college is that it still upholds the principles of the founder Secretary that education should not be commercialized. It stands tall as a premier Institution for higher education in southern Tamilnadu rendering its service in the upliftment of the less privileged sections of the society. I wish the Institution to continue its service to the society with the same zeal and ethos in future also


Dr. Sankaran Rajendran, Researcher, Sultan Qaboos University, Muscat

It is great pleasure to me to say with pride that I completed my graduation from our VOC College. The Geology course is very comprehensively designed and the faculties are exceptional. The classes are very interactive and faculties ensure that every student understands what is being taught before proceeding. The relationship between faculties and students is very cordial, which gave me an opportunity to excel in my area of interest. Our college has cooperative professors, very good infrastructure facilities, huge library resources, and best laboratories. The guidance and the support of the professors throughout our course were incredible. The 5 years spent at the college were splendid and helped me to grow better professionally. All of my professors and faculties were outstanding and gave me the best guidance possible. The college gives a great opportunity for students to broaden their knowledge beyond their field of studies. Today, I am a Researcher at the Sultan Qaboos University, Oman due to the quality of the education I received at the VOC College. I believe that the experience and learning that I received at the college will always guide me towards success in my professional works. I am impressed with the high level of education that I have received during my study at the VOC College. My advice to upcoming students is not to hesitate to join the program of the college, which has a focus on the specific needs in the Indian Geology. I wish VOC College keeps producing more professionals who can compete with the International standards. I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to all faculty members for their guidance and supports. With due respect and humility I want to thank the VOC College. I am proud to say that I belong to this wonderful temple of knowledge.

Marx pic

Dr. T. Marx – Professor, Pondicherry University

I can positively say that VOC College has made me an academically better and socially committed person. It gives me great pleasure to say with pride that VOC has laid the foundation for what I am today. It has helped me develop a positive attitude towards my life and discover more about myself. Teachers were very caring and interested in students’ well-being. They made sure every class is student-friendly, educational and interactive. The College has very wonderful faculty and they are very cooperative and campus environment is very optimistic. The relationship between faculty and student is very cordial, which gave me an opportunity to excel in my studies. The three years spent in VOCC were splendid and has helped me to grow better professionally & personally. Acquisition of knowledge in VOCC is indeed beyond boundaries. Potentials are harnessed, skills are developed, confidence is built and dreams are realized. I am impressed by the college’s continuous academic services to the rural, first generation and downtrodden students. VOCC is a fine blend of tradition and modernity-traditional and orthodox in human relationship, while modern and scientific in pursuit of knowledge. Any student of higher education who gets the services of VOCC will be richly benefitted.

I wish VOCC all the best in all its endeavours.

Love to be part of the VOCC family

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