History of the Department

Right from the inception of the college, Zoology has been offered as a subject at intermediate level and in 1957 B.Sc. degree course was started, M.Sc., in 1985, M.Phil in 1986 and Ph.D. programme in 1994 are successive additions. The research centre of Zoology department is one of the best centres in the Southern part of Tamilnadu. When the department of Zoology was established, Mr Pasupathy Iyer was the first Head of the department.

Later Mr. J. A. Daniel served from 1958 to 1986 as the head of the department and his period is presumed to be the Golden period. He established the museum, supposed to be one of the best museums in Peninsular India and even now it is being appreciated and visited by many people. He published two text books to his credit. Mr. J. A.Daniel was also responsible for achieving 100% results in B.Sc. during most of his tenure as Head of this department. He was also responsible for producing a state first rank (Mr. Jones) during the period, when only Madras University was in existence. The exemplary work of Mr. J. A. Daniel enthused the management to start M.Sc. Zoology course in the year 1986.

Later Mr. S. Duraisamy assumed the charge as HOD from 1986 and later he became the Principal from 1991 to 1997. Mr. Duraisamy was the Principal investigator of a project entitled “Comparative energetics of arthropods” sponsored by UGC, New Delhi. He published two text books.

From 1991 to 1998 Dr. T.K. Renganathan Headed the Department. He published more than 35 research publications and nine textbooks. Two UGC minor research projects and one M.K. University individual Research projects were carried out by him. Dr. M.S.M. Sahubar Hussain served as HOD from 1998 to 2000. He published ten text books and eight research publications to his credit. Dr. Edwin retired in 2016. Now Dr. D. Radhika is the head of the department.

There were major and minor research projects undertaken in this department. The completed projects are given below.

  1. “Biochemical and physiological effects of pesticides in economically important anuren, Rana tigrine funded by UGC, New Delhi. The Principal investigator was Dr. K. Sampath, Reader.
  2. Principal investigator in the project titled “Technology Development for Mass production on midgefly larvae to serve as a live feed to cultivable fin and shell fishes funded by ICAR(Indian Council for Agricultural Research) New Delhi. Dr.C.Veerabahu was the Pricipal Investigator. Duration of the project is 2 years. Total cost of the project is Rs. 3,31,760/-
  3. Utilization of synthetic zeollite to reduce metal (copper) toxicity – An experimental study on catfish” funded by Tamilnadu State Council for Science and Technology. The Principal investigator was Dr.R. James, Lecturer (SG).
  4. "Hybridisation in penaeid prawn” by spermatophore transplantation, funded by Department of Bio-technology, Government of India, the Principal investigator was Dr. K. Sampath (Reader).
  5. “Evaluation of nematicidal property of some plant extracts and their effect on pathological metabolism of a host plant funded by UGC to Dr. M. Vaitheeswaran, Lecturer.
  6. Induce Spawning and Larvel roaring of peaniads prawns sanctioned to Dr. Sampath by CSIR, New Delhi
  7. Artificial feeds for Air-breathing fishes project sanctioned to Dr. K. Sampath by UGC, New Delhi.

The faculty also subscribes to research journals to cater to the demands of the researchers. The teachers are well known for adopting time-tested teaching strategies and also they follow the latest techniques in practicals at U.G, P.G and M.Phil. level

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