A. P. C. Veerabahu Memorial Library, started with 1,809 books in 1951, now has around 60 thousand books and journals. The number is increasing every year. All books are classified under "Colon Classification". Several volumes of 'Book Catalogue' are maintained up to date. A database of books has also been created in the computer and the book issue has been computerised. A computer with touchscreen facility has been kept in the library for the perusal of the visitors.

The building is exclusively designed and constructed for library with the financial assistance of University Grants Commission. The plinth area of the building is 460 sqm. (43 m X 10.70 m). The bust of Kulapathi A. P. C. veerabahu has been installed in front of the Library. There is photo gallery opposite to A. P. C. Veerabahu Memorial Library, in memory of our Founder Secretary.

There is a Book Bank, consisting of examination oriented text books. Students are allowed to retain them till their examinations are over. Guide charts are provided for each discipline at their respective sections to help the users to locate the books. All first year students are given orientation programme on the optimum use of the library.

With the introduction of bar coding system, issue and return of books have been computerized; stock verification has been computerized; and touch screen facility has been provided.




"To encourage extensive reading amidst learners and thereby to enhance their academic and life skills"

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