Postgraduate and Research Department of Zoology

The Postgraduate and Research Department of Zoology has been offering B. Sc. Zoology since 1957, M. Sc. Zoology since 1985, M. Phil. Zoology since 1987, and Ph.D. Zoology since 1994. The priority areas of research are Aquaculture, Hydrobiology and Plankatanology. The curriculum was updated and evaluation process was restructured by introducing Choice Based Credit System and internal assessment in 2008. The department has a computer, Museum, DST – FIST funded research laboratory equipped with instruments like GLC, AAS etc.



To promote the knowledge of animal sciences through quality educational practices and cutting edge research incorporating progressive pedagogical practices.


  • Inspire the students from all sections of the society to imbibe the expertise and skills along with ethical values at ug/pg levels in biological sciences.
  • To instil in the minds of students to be environmentally conscious citizens making meaningful contributions to the society.
  • To provide learners with value based learning experiences to improve their knowledge theoretically and practically.
  • To be a recognized centre for quality research.
  • To sensitize human society for animal welfare, conservation and protection of bio-diversity.


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