Postgraduate and Research Department of Geology

The Department of Geology is an interdisciplinary applied science department. Around 144 undergraduate students, 50 graduate students, 10 lecturers, 13 researchers, and 3 administrative and technical support staff are housed in the department. Department is equipped with a well-established Museum, remote sensing & GIS lab, an optical lab, a geochemical lab, a geophysical lab and a smart class room.

The faculty’s expertise varies across many areas of Geosciences. Our aim is to conceive and conduct high-quality research on the processes that shape the origin and development of the solid earth, its oceans and atmosphere, and examine their mutual interactions and effect on the earth’s environment and biosphere. This work involves a lot of multidisciplinary collaboration with experts from the physical and, increasingly, social sciences.

For the last five years (2017-2022), faculty members of the Department of Geology have brought Rs.83.5 lakhs through projects from various central and state funding agencies. Apart from teaching, faculty members who engaged in research published a significant number of articles—125—in journals with high impact factors. In addition to doing research, we provide consulting services to the general public who require groundwater for agricultural or industrial purposes, as well as by locating brine water for the salt pan industry and mineral industry.


  • To provide geosciences education to all.


  • To offer high quality geo-science program.
  • Interdisciplinary innovative teaching and learning of higher education with a focus on careers development and research environment.
  • To establish national and International collaboration with prestigious institutes.


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