Postgraduate and Research Department of Botany

The Postgraduate and Research Department of Botany has been offering B.Sc. Botany since 1964, M.Sc. Botany since 1987 and PhD Botany since 2008. The priority areas of research are Seed Biochemistry, Ethnopharmacology, Seaweeds and Seagrasses research and utilization. The Department follows Choice Based Credit System and internal assessment. It has a research laboratory equipped with instruments bought under UGC and MOEF projects. It also has a separate Research Centre where texts, reference books, dissertations and thesis are kept for use by research scholars.


  • To give the gift of education to economically challenged students
  • To provide services to help our students succeed professionally and personally
  • To transfer knowledge and skills to the students to meet changing heeds in a changing society.


  • Our mission is to keep the department focused on providing students with a comprehensive Education, high-quality assistance, and learning opportunities that will prepare them to be highly  Competent botanists
  • To maintain values based on ethics, morals, respect, trust, integrity, and the highest professional and academic standards regarding personal growth and satisfaction to support the anticipated Growth of the our college.


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